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Filming services - Scotaudio deliver high quality video productions for companies, public bodies and broadcasters in Falkirk

A well made film can tell a story, explain and product or service, and bring your message to life. We use the latest in video production techniques to offer the best video recording and production for broadcast, web or in house.


Our team can even compose a soundtrack to go with your film!


Camera Operator with HD Camera kit: £325 per half day;  £400 per full day


Price includes:


Professional Camera Operator for a day

HD Camera Kit with pro camera tripod

Sennheiser lapel EW-100 G3 Radio Mic Kit & Shotgun Mic


Camera Operator w/ HD Camera & Lighting kit: £375 per half day; £450 per full day


Price includes:


Professional Cam Op with HD Camera kit (as above)

Lighting Kit 

Contact us today to discuss how Scotaudio can help.

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