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HK Audio Elias PX PA plus 2 x DART monitors


Very little use, excellent condition with speaker covers and poles - 1.6kW



A pub gig today, a show in a small art theater tomorrow, and another event on the stage of the town fair on the weekend—no sweat with ELIAS PX. Equipped with a controller, crossover and power amp, every speaker unit in the ELIAS PX system is a standalone solution that does not require a central system controller to operate. This affords you greater independence and flexibility to adapt your rig to suit the situation: Leave the bass bins behind for smaller gigs, and bring them along for bigger venues. For instance, you can opt to deploy the EPX 112 A Mid/High unit as a full-range cabinet to achieve professional results for voice public address in medium-sized venues and for band gigs in pubs. To treat your audience to a muscular low-end thump for big, bold drums and other burly bass signals, simply set up the entire system with the EPX 115 Sub A subwoofer. Adding another pair of subwoofers to the sonic equation transforms the ELIAS PX into a full-grown PA that lets bands play bigger halls and DJs rave it up.

ELIAS PX – The Right Sound System for Every Gig.

  • 12 "/ 1" top part with integrated 400 W RMS power amplifier with opto-limiter
  • Top parts switchable for stand-alone operation
  • 15 "subwoofer with integrated 400W RMS power amp and DynaClip ™ limiter
  • DuoTilt ™ upstand flange in the top section
  • Integrated flight points
  • M20 kickstand flange in the bass
  • Subwoofer with 100 mm Blue Wheels




Looking for a stage monitor engineered to satisfy professional demands for performance and sound without requiring additional power amps, crossovers and cables? Want a versatile enclosure suitable for use as a side-fill, front-fill or a FOH system for (almost) unplugged gigs? Then welcome to D.A.R.T. D.A.R.T packs a high-quality preamp, controller, active crossover, two power amps, a 12″ speaker and a 1″ CD horn in a compact, low-profile monitor housing. With HK AUDIO OFR™ technology on board, these enclosures project extraordinarily rich, transparent sound, even at very high levels. And their remarkably linear frequency response enables high volumes with reduced feedback sensitivity. Though D.A.R.T has been optimised for use as a stage monitor, its multi-functional housing shape and the integrated DuoTilt™ pole-mount cup allow it to be used for additional applications. With all this and a full-featured input stage (to including a microphone input for the mayor’s address), D.A.R.T is a high-end sound-reinforcement “Swiss Army knife” for literally every occasion.

D.A.R.T—Professional Monitoring & More!

  • The right solution for every musician who wants hassle-free professional monitoring
  • Two-way active circuitry featuring OFR™ technology
  • 250 watts RMS digital power amp for the 12″ speaker
  • Power amp with 60 watts RMS for the 1″ HFdriver
  • Multi-band limiting for key frequency ranges
  • Two-band EQ included
  • Balanced, separately adjustable microphone and line inputs and additional RCA input
  • HK AUDIO DuoTilt™ for directing sonic energy towards the audience when used on a stand
  • Weight: 19.8 kg / 43.6 lbs
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