Labgear HDU681 8 Way Loft Distribution & Amplifier Unit

Labgear HDU681 8 Way Loft Distribution & Amplifier Unit


USED, BOXED - as new


Distributes any combination of SKY™, SKY+™, FM, DAB, UHF and CCTV
signals around the home

Built in mode switch optimises the unit according to requirements - either for
systems with a satellite receiver, or those without

6 separate inputs for FM, DAB, UHF, CCTV, LNB1 and LNB2 and 8 outputs
12V 45mA line powering for masthead amplifiers
All outputs IR enabled - 9V 15mA with short circuit protection.
Excellent filtering with a flat UHF response

  • The input signals from UHF IN and CCTV IN will feed directly to the distribution outputs when switch set to “UHF&CCTV”. If the switch is set to “SAT”, the Sky box must be used to re-modulate UHF signal and feed to Uplink IN, then distribute to all output ports.
  • LNB 2 IN is filtered and fed to the DOWNLINK OUT directly.
  • Built in filter removes interference from 4G mobile phone transmitters
  • Noise figure: 4dB
  • Minimal insertion loss
  • Connections: F type
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