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Logitech HARMONY remote 900

Logitech HARMONY remote 900


PREVIOUSLY USED ITEM - in excellent condition but minus CD (software free download from Logitech).


Complete control of your entertainment devices hidden behind cabinet doors
Are you ready for a remote that not only controls all your entertainment devices, but also helps keep your entertainment room looking neat, clean and beautiful? Then the Harmony 900 is your remote. With its advanced wireless RF system, you can keep the shelves of devices and cables hidden inside a closed cabinet or cupboard. And since it's a Harmony remote, no clutter also means no compromises. Your Harmony 900 is the only remote you'll ever need. It replaces up to 15 remotes. And you have one-touch activity control of all the entertainment equipment you own today, plus any you add tomorrow. Your new home stereo. Your old DVD player. Your future gaming system. Now you can bring them all together, keep them out of sight, and put all your entertainment at your fingertips.

RF technology for 100-foot wireless control of out-of-sight components
Goodbye clutter. Goodbye pointing. Hello control. Thanks to advanced RF (radio frequency) wireless technology, the Harmony 900 works where most remotes don't -through solid media cabinet and cupboard doors and solid walls. So you never lose control. In fact, the connection is so powerful, you can control all your gear from up to 100 feet away - or from another room - without even having to aim the remote. And setting up or adding devices for RF system control couldn't be easier. Just select them right on the screen of your remote and you're done in 10 minutes, tops. 

Full colour touch-screen for one-touch activity control
What would you like to do? Watch TV? Watch a DVD? Listen to music? Simply touch that command, displayed on the remote's full colour screen. Harmony 900 automatically starts the activity you want, so you get right to it. You can even pre-set your favourite TV channels, so they're always just one touch away.

In-cabinet blaster system makes it easy to extend your reach
Say you're sitting in your favourite chair, ready to settle in for a marathon movie night. You reach for your Harmony 900, press the "Watch a DVD" button and all the right devices turn on - even though they're actually behind you inside the closet. With the remote's reach-extending blaster system, not even walls or cabinet doors can come between you and your entertainment. The system includes an easy-to-install main blaster and two mini blasters that work seamlessly with the remote. Just plug them in and place them inside the cabinet next to the devices you want to control. It's that simple. And the signal is so strong you can even move them around without losing performance. 

Thoughtful, intuitive design for easy entertainment control
Logitech thought of everything to make using the remote easy and enjoyable. The smooth, contoured shape feels comfortable in your hand. Sculpted buttons are placed in logical zones so you can go directly to the command you want without giving it a second thought. Plus, they're fully backlit. So it's easy for you or anyone who picks up the remote to find the right channel, even in home-theatre darkness.

Convenient recharging dock keeps your remote charged and ready
From now on, you won't have to look for batteries when you could be watching TV. Just place the remote in its recharging dock and your remote is always charged and ready for action. It's also a great home base for your remote, so it's always close at hand and within arm's reach.

Replaces up to 15 remotes, controls virtually any component
Harmony 900 lets you eliminate all the clutter and complexity of different remotes for different equipment. Control up to 15 devices, from Betamax to Blu-Ray players, VCRs to DVD units, MP3 players to home stereos. With the world's largest online A/V control database, your Harmony remote supports more than 225,000 home entertainment components from over 5,000 brands. And more are added every day. So your remote is never out of date. You'll always be in control of the components you own today and add tomorrow, even if they're mixed brands. 

Harmony online centre - Simple online setup
You'll never need to punch device codes into your remote. Just connect it to your computer, visit the online Harmony software centre, and answer a few questions about your entertainment system. The software does the work so you don't have to.

Optional control for your PS3 - drama free
Wish you could control all your movies, music, games and entertainment gear - including your PLAYSTATION 3 - with one remote? Wish granted. Add one touch PS3 control to any Harmony remote with the optional Logitech Harmony Adapter for PLAYSTATION 3. Now your entire entertainment system and every PS3 command is at your fingertips. Want to watch a DVD or Blue-ray Disc movie? Play a game? Turn the console on or off? Easy. Just press one button on the remote to experience instant entertainment gratification. Optional Logitech Harmony Adaptor for Playstation 3 available on Amazon today.

Box Contains


  • Remote control
  • IR blaster
  • Charging station
  • USB cable
  • 2 IR mini blasters
  • 2 AC adapters
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • User documentation
  • Delivery

    Delivery £10

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