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Virtual Reality

Forth Valley College

Scotaudio were selected to provide the AV at a conference for the utilisation of new technology in higher education. The host venue in this case being Forth Valley College in Stirling, with stunning views over the river Forth and Stirling Castle (and great food)! This conference brought the latest advances in cloud computing and virtual reality to the notice of leading educators in the FE sector, and explained how these technologies could help engage and improve the educational experience of students.

As an engineer brought up on the slide rule, having the opportunity to try out a virtual reality headset and see some of the technology on show was a real privilege, and opened a window on how the education sector was embracing new ideas and technologies ahead of industry - which I guess has often been the case as educators prepare the next generation for the world they're about to enter.

How the forthcoming EU referendum will affect the next generation is probably best left to future historians, but as I took off the virtual reality headset I experienced a slight moment of disorientation as the virtual turned back to the real - and I wondered if a universe where Boris as PM over a divided GB and the Donald as president over an isolationist USA wasn't the product of a game designer's worst nightmare.

But then I'm just the guy on the sound desk, watching it all unravel.

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