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Keep taking the Medicine

Pharmaceutical Conference Dunblane Hilton

Possibly the last thing you want to see when you wake up!

Luckily our healthcare professionals are among the best, and our free point of service NHS is the envy of the world - and long may it remain that way. As in any profession, you need to keep up with the latest information and technology, and engage in peer to peer discussions with other colleagues that you normally don't have time to meet on a day to day basis. That's where conferences come into their own, especially when leading experts in their chosen fields are able to share their experience and knowledge.

We were chosen to provide the Audio Visual equipment and technical staff for a recent conference at the Doubletree by Hilton, Dunblane for the Pharmaceutical industry. We were not only selected on being by far the best price compared to other professional AV suppliers - but more importantly, because Scotaudio have an enviable reputation for being among the best in our industry.

We regularly survey every client to check our quality of service, helpfulness and professionalism. This is what we received from yesterday's event organiser.

"You did a fantastic job as always, even helping with the last minute issues of a speaker turning up with her slides and wanting to play a video. You were prompt, efficient and totally dependable.

Thank you – I look forward to working with you again.

Kind regards,


We don't feel our job is anything like as important as being a health professional, but just like them - we care. It doesn't matter how important, how large the company, how many staff they may have - if they don't care, I wouldn't like them looking after me - or my event.

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