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It's all so Quiet

We are expecting the first shipment of our own manufactured Silent Disco systems to be delivered in the next few weeks. Operating on 3 separate radio frequencies, these comfortable rechargeable battery headphones can play any one of 3 mixes from competing DJ's in high quality audio direct to your ears.

Why Silent Discos?

Many venues have environmental noise limits, or need all music to stop at a certain time to avoid disturbing other guests or neighbours. With our Silent Disco, just turn off the speakers, plug the mixer into one of our radio transmitters, hand out the headphones and the party can go on. Not only that, but the headphones light up to your chosen frequency (selected by a small button on the headphones), so if you're having a dance-off between DJ's you can see at a glance who has the most popular mix.

Light and comfortable to wear, with adjustable volume and frequency presets, these systems are suitable for parties, student events, weddings or any event where your audience can choose whether to hear the music/film/speech/play or just talk to each other without needing to shout.

Call us for any enquiries or pre-bookings.

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