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New Balls Please

When the Lawn Tennis Association and BBC wanted an AV company to provide sound and TV screens for an event at Stirling University today, we were delighted they chose us! Being the only AV company in Dunblane, it's only fitting that we again supply the magic for Andy here on his home turf. Judy made an appearance as well, coaching the next generation in the indoor courts, and just to the side of the picture you may be able to make out the Davis Cup which is presently on tour.

I have nothing but admiration for Andy, who's ability to pick himself up after each defeat and come back stronger every time must be an inspiration for us all. Not only that, but the guy has a schedule more punishing than most world leaders - and they don't have to return tennis balls coming in at 147mph (and there's a few I'd like to see try)!

He won't remember, but I was the poor mug from the PTA who got lumbered with the primary school discos. So maybe I helped the baby Murray with early hand eye coordination as he leaped around to Cotton Eyed Joe and perfected his YMCA moves? OK, maybe not - but I for one am proud of Andy and all he's done for our tiny city. All it takes is determination, talent, and perhaps new balls in some cases - to make a difference and the world a better place.

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