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Half of us are going to go Mad

Just spent a couple of days in Hilton Aberdeen Treetops and the Crowne Plaza Glasgow, on a conference tour. This gave us a chance to try out the 10' x 6' rear projection screens which did a great job in conveying the informative slides to the 200+ audience of personal financial advisers.

One of my favourite presentations - yes, I did have a favourite - was from a legal firm who told us in no uncertain times that we are all going to die; and that half of us would also suffer from dementia or alzheimers on the way to that final destination. On the face of it, not the least bit funny - yet by stating this head on - he managed to defuse the tension and made everyone aware that these inescapable facts form an important part of anyone's future planning; financial or otherwise.

Looking at the world, from Trump supporters in the USA through to more domestic political issues, it would appear that indeed, some 50% of the planet's population are completely mad - although I don't blame those age-related diseases for this. As the world lurches from crisis to crisis, how many good leaders are left, and how many are just self-serving, deluded, plain evil or completely mad?

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