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We started 2016 by organising a charity event, a tribute to David Bowie which raised over £700 for cancer charities. Scotaudio supplied the equipment and project management, local musicians supplied the the talent and Forth Valley College supplied the technical students keen to apply their skills in a live setting. Everyone gave freely of their time and worked together to make something special of an otherwise sad occasion, and helped make the world a tiny bit better.

As the year draws to a close, we've just finished another charity event, supplying our client RSPB with AV equipment for their major Scottish Conference - plus there have been many other worthwhile charities we've supported during the year by offering reduced rates. We are a micro business - in real terms we're almost invisibly small compared to the main AV companies working in Scotland - so every penny we contribute to our charity events equates to a substantial percentage of our turnover.

In a year when almost every day brings fresh horrors, deaths and a never-ending carousel of cynically manipulative characters to the world stage; it becomes more important than ever to remember that there are people out there, unsung and ignored by the media who work tirelessly to try and make the world a better place. If we can help, even in a small way, to Do Some Good - then our micro business can make a micro difference.

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