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I, Robot?

In AV, we've been used to the analogue world being translated into digital for many years - and how much easier it is to manipulate and distribute audio and video when it's in a binary, error checked format. But no matter how good the digitising process, something of the real analogue source is lost - hence perhaps the resurgence of vinyl which has that more natural, less brittle quality?

Recent political upsets might also be the result of an unconscious acceptance of a digital world, where complex analogue problems are reduced to a binary decision for us all to make; Brexit, far right v far left, Independence - none of these issues are truly simple binary options; the real world exists in an analogue mess that has to be seen in at least some of its complexity before anything like a qualified decision can be reached.

The media, political parties and we ourselves are all to blame as we sleepwalk into a new and dangerous world where choices rest on purely binary decisions. We are analogue creatures, in an analogue world. It's OK to be unsure, to reach compromise, the have rational and reasoned debate and even elect liberal, middle-ground politicians!

The alternative is to welcome in a brave new world of populist and extremely dangerous leaders, each fulfilling their own selfish ends whilst promising anything that appeals to their target electorate - without any idea how these fake promises will ever be delivered.

Here's a radical thought - instead of spending Christmas like the proverbial turkey, how about ditching your preferred newspaper/news feed/political propaganda and look at the full picture. Maybe that way we might catch a glimpse of the middle ground that Robots don't have the analogue vision to comprehend?

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