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That's me, just back from a quick visit to the big apple where the temperature in central park was 24C! Looks like it's back to a more seasonal -1C today with heavy snow as wind storm Stella hits. One thing living in Scotland teaches you, the weather can change in an instant so I'm never complacent about expecting the sun to shine just because it's summer. Similarly, working in the AV industry, each day brings new challenges and opportunities - this ever more so in the present uncertain political and economic climate.

As a businessman, and entrepreneur at the sharp end of industry, I know all too well how difficult it can be to earn a living; something the majority of people in employment will never be able to relate to. Hence when the government adds to the tax burden of the self-employed they do so from a position of ignorance. In 'levelling the playing field', they conveniently forget that people working for themselves don't have the luxury of holiday pay, sickness pay, topped up pensions, maternity or paternity leave, training and every night they have to take their work home.

Now Westminster is about to officially trigger article 50, leading to what certainly looks like a hard brexit, and I'm fairly certain, the break up of the UK. I'm missing something here - I can only see the UK entering a cold financial winter from this course of action. Maybe I'd be more relaxed if I had any confidence in our present leaders, but for the most part they are a sad bunch of complacent inadequates who I wouldn't place in any job requiring just a little comprehension and initiative.

Nichola Sturgeon has set IndyRef2 into action. Last time round, I voted remain - for many reasons not least because I dislike the petty nationalism which some SNP supporters exhibit. This time round, I have no real choice but to vote leave. The fault lines in the UK are real, I feel more European than English, and my children's future - and the future of all the children in Dunblane for which this time of year is always poignant - is more secure in Europe than some increasingly deluded island state that looks to the USA for deliverance.

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