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2018 is already shaping up to be an interesting year. Brexit still festers, and illuminates the inadequacy of our political leaders - from Davis's due diligence papers to Boris's re-quoting misleading bus advertisements. Meanwhile Carillion's failure exposes a business that was not only apparently out of its depth, but firing off distress flares months previously.

On the wider stage, we only have to look across the pond at the twittering one and his big nuclear button, denial of climate change and bigly intellect.

What do all these events and individuals share in common?

I'd suggest an inability to manage - either through ineptitude or lack of ability.

It seems to be a common thread running through society at the moment, and of course there's always been the military adage of someone being promoted beyond their capability. In a small business like ours, if I mess up on pricing a job - or don't take notice of new technologies/competitors (basically do a regular SWOT analysis) then I'm out of work! If David Davis messes up on his analysis of Brexit and how it will impact the UK, it affects all of us for generations - yet he seems to be able to get away with it and keep his job!

If a business makes misleading claims, they are subject to the law. This doesn't appear to apply to politicians such as Boris, who's inability to talk meaningful sense has led to the continued imprisonment of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe in Iran.

When a business gets 'too large to fail', the fallout from its failure is immense; and not helped by government placing new orders even as the company announces its heading for the rocks.

Then on the international stage the situation gets even worse. Would I employ someone like Trump in my company?

Perhaps that's the way we ought to be looking at our leaders in 2018 - do they have the requisite skills and abilities to do the job. If they haven't, and we don't then remove them from their positions - we are guilty of mismanagement too.

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