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Merry Xmas

The pantomime season is upon us - grand dames trying to upstage each other, buffoonery, slapstick - and that's just parliament. As the country faces what is perhaps the most critical decision in living memory, those that we have chosen to lead us are off on their holidays; unbothered by the chaos they leave in their wake. How many businesses facing the uncertainty of 2019 will still be there by 2020? Already a substantial amount of damage has been done, firms moving to Europe and shedding staff and investment in the UK. Even the UK itself is in doubt, never has there been a more rational time for Scottish independence or a united Ireland to become reality.

Is this just project fear? I'm just a micro business owner, but even I can see that Liam Fox or David Davies are incapable of negotiating their way out of a wet paper bag, never mind trying to win substantial international trade deals as Trump faces off against China. Those shouting loudest for leave are either currency manipulators or clinically deranged.

There are less than 100 days to go before we exit Europe. The government have nothing prepared, is unfit for purpose and the opposition is frankly an embarrassment to democracy. £2b has just been squandered on preparing for no deal Brexit, money that could have been used to house every homeless person on these islands.

I have one Christmas wish, that sanity prevails and we, the people are given a democratic choice between whatever monumental disaster May wants to foist on us in stubborn denial of reality or to remain with our European trading partners and friends.

#MerryChristmas #Brexit

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