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Honda is the tip of the iceberg, but the good ship Titanic Success continues steadily on course. I'm in the unenviable position of living below decks, in one of the cheaper cabins - and experience tells me that only the first-class cabins will have access to the lifeboats. In fact, several of the better off passengers have already departed. There goes that awfully nice Dyson man, that slightly creepy Farage and Rees-Mogg. I'm just waiting for the rats to join them - talk of the devil - there goes Sir James Ratcliffe (Britain's richest man). Fact is of course the lifeboats are already full, but there are a group of people cheering as the first freezing waves break over the sinking prow. They wear yellow hi-viz jackets, are they working on something - maybe they're fixing the ship? It's difficult to see from below decks, looks to me as if they're just enjoying the spectacle of the ship going down which would suggest they have been driven insane.

Seems to me this iceberg was only to be expected. I'm not a financial analyst, neither do I have access to government forecasts but I predicted the automotive industry would be decimated. JIT manufacturing is what it says on the tin. Ditto aerospace/financials/pharmaceuticals/agriculture/hospitality/health. Surely those up on the bridge could see all this far more clearly than I could - I can't even afford a cabin with a porthole! What do they hope to gain?

So, schadenfreude. Yes, I - and a lot of the other passengers - saw this coming. We shouted, we pleaded, we wondered at the crass stupidity of those who blindly accepted the captain's proclamation that everything was fine. Does that give me comfort or enjoyment of any kind. No. Who is enjoying the coming shipwreck? Now that is the question we should be asking ourselves as these are ultimately the people responsible for the Titanic disaster we are already beginning to experience. Any good detective would say 'follow the money' - those lifeboats contain an awful lot of loot, and doesn't the captain's family do well out of this type of thing?

Anyway, almost too late now. Water creeping under my cabin door. Looks like it will take a miracle. This may be my last blog...

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