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Clever creature, the chameleon. Its innate ability to blend into whatever background it finds itself immersed in is an allegory for business. My own recent past has seen me morph from engineering director of a micro displays company in Dalgety Bay through to freelance software/hardware designer at an American defence company, to start up electronics design company specialising in cruise missile testing through to audio-visual installation/hire and now I'm turning into an author (for those of you interested - see If I go further back - I can add musician, sound engineer, forestry worker, factory worker, labourer, decorator, gardener, photographer until I can't remember what I did. The only common factor being that I worked for my living, exchanging honest sweat and toil for money - something alien to our present political class - and it shows.

Back in 2016 I wrote a series of predictions -

The first 5 have happened, No 6 - Boris as PM - looks likely to occur in the next few weeks. No 7 was the break up of the UK, which some 65% of Tory voters feel is a reasonable price to pay for leaving the EU. From a business perspective, or from the view of a chameleon, this is a daunting outlook. Our future, and that of our children, is being decided by an ageing minority of the population whose unrelenting diet of poisonous right wing comics has left them constipated with fear and loathing. Without getting too graphic, brown is a colour chameleons can manage, but there are no rich pickings to be had in shit.

What next? My predictions took more of a downward spiral after No 7. At No 8, the rather sad figure of Donald Trump does surprisingly well as environmental safeguards are disposed of in an effort to keep America great. It ends in tears, predictably, as at No 9 well-armed citizens take what they want as society falls apart. No 10 has David Attenborough plead one last time to save the planet - the youth have heard but it may be too late. Oh, and Russia and China fill the vacuum left by a failing USA.

Don't panic, these were just predictions - I'm sure the human race isn't that stupid to be played by politicians so privileged that they've never once had to worry about feeding their family, or finding another job when the work disappears, or keeping a roof over their heads. By the way, who is the PM?

#PM #politicians

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